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Traditionally trained at Long Beach State University with post graduate work at Loyola Marymount University, Paula quickly fell in love with the effectiveness and rapid results created by Mind/Body approaches.
In 1999, she became a founding member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and served for six years as a member of the Board of Directors. Paula is trained in most of the major mind and body approaches such as Reiki, EFT, TAT, tapping, Guided Imagery, Chakra Work, Mindfulness, and Energy Medicine.
Paula is an innovator, visionary, and pioneer in the Energy Psychology field. She is the Host of the Change It Up Radio Podcast, [link to Podcast] and the Higher Energy podcast produced by ACEP,(link to Podcast) she is also the author of several life changing books, Chakras: The Magnificent Seven, Grief…When Will This Pain Ever End? and, Saying The Right Thing…When You Don’t Know What To Say.
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Energy Psychology (EP)

Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology are members of a family of mind and body techniques that are clinically observed to consistently help with a wide range of psychological conditions. These interventions address the human vibrational matrix, which consists of three major interacting systems:
Energy pathways (meridians and related acupoints)
Energy centers (chakras)
Human biofield (systems of energy that envelop the body)
These techniques are also helpful in promoting high-level mind-body health and peak performance in the physical, mental, and emotional arenas. Energy Psychology therapies all work from the same perspective:
Identify and bring to awareness the problematic behavior, belief, or pattern
Intervene on one or more aspects of the human vibrational matrix to shift or dissolve the problematic energetic pattern.
Replace or repattern the problematic pattern with one that is desirable.
To learn more about the fascinating and impactful world of Energy Psychology, I invite you to read the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology‘s PDF white paper. Click on the button below.
What is Energy Psychology?
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the cornerstone technique in the Energy Psychology family. It is a powerful, yet simple tool that is the foundational system in the field.
Paula was originally trained by Gary Craig, the originator of the technique and has also assisted Gary in teaching others. This “tapping” method is practiced worldwide and has been used successfully for many years.
The effectiveness of the method is based on the concept of teaching the Amygdala to be calm while thinking about whatever is upsetting to the client. This is done by sending calming signals to that part of the brain through tapping many of the same acupoints used in Acupuncture, while visualizing and thinking about the destressing or traumatizing experience.
Paula teaches EFT to all her clients because it empowers them to work on a wide range of issues in between sessions.
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Paula discovered as she was creating the Chakra Therapy process and writing her book Chakras: The Magnificent Seven, that the chakras seem to act as “holding tanks” or “reservoirs” for the energetic disruptions and negative patterns created by trauma.
Whenever we experience anything that disturbs us so much that the memory of it causes emotions such as shock, rage, grief, anxiety, despair, fear, depression, distrust, guilt, resentment, etc., that event has been internalized as trauma. These traumatic experiences form energy disruptions or constrictions in the energy system.
Through a variety of effective processes from Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, we can shift and eliminate the vibrational impact of those traumas from the chakras and restore balance and optimal functioning to one’s life.

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My Commitment

"Today, many of us are experiencing grief and loss and yet, are unaware of the hidden ways that this pain is affecting our lives. The pandemic has affected us all. We have all suffered loss, whether it be from the death of a loved one, social isolation, loss of employment, juggling kids who are schooling at home, working alone, or working longer hours, it has all compounded whatever we were dealing with before the outbreak.
We underestimate the ravages that grief and loss have upon our lives. I believe they are at the core of all dysfunctional behavior. Anxiety, depression, relationship distress, addiction, and weight issues are but a few of the manifestations of grief. But we don’t have to be stuck in dysfunction; there are cutting edge, effective methods to help us move through the grief and heal…we just need to learn and implement them. I am committed to helping as many people as possible, to discover those tools, so they can find their way back to health and happiness.
The good news is grief does not have to be a life sentence.
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I have always believed that … “your issues show up in your tissues!”. I am not talking about the ones in your Kleenex box. I am talking about the ones in your body. I believe that all mental and physical illness has its origin in unresolved emotional issues, usually grief and painful loss, all of which is recorded in our body’s energy system.
Every person has unique challenges. Traditional therapies, like talk therapy, focus only on the conscious mind. However, the conscious mind is not nearly as powerful as the subconscious. That is why I developed a multi-method approach customized for each of my individual clients.
Through my decades of experience, and the highly effective methods developed in the fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, I help my clients uncover the profound grief and painful loss which is at the core of their life’s dysfunctions. We get to the root of the emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and problematic behaviors that are the underlying causes of their mental and physical problems.
But it does not stop there. Insight and awareness, by themselves, are not enough to create change. You must have the movement piece. Once revealed, we work swiftly to reconcile the emotional pain through implementation of Energy Psychology and other Mind/Body approaches which neutralize the underlying triggers that cause relapses and stepping back into the way things used to be. These processes can generate measurable results quickly, often bringing swift relief from grief and loss.
As a result, my clients improve their mental and emotional health causing life to change for the better. Rapid results are no longer just a fantasy of instant gratification junkies, they are a reality in my practice, and can be in your life too.
That is my commitment."