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PAULA SHAW, CADC, DCEP is a Life Transitions Expert, Best Selling Author, Host of the Change It Up Radio Podcast, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and founding member of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, whose podcast, Higher Energy, she hosts. Her bestselling books include, Chakras, the Magnificent Seven, Grief… When Will This Pain Ever End? and her newest book, Saying The Right Thing When You Don’t Know What To Say.
For more than 20 years, Paula has used Mind/Body Techniques to guide people who are navigating the stress of Change and Challenge. She helps them to eliminate their depression, anxiety, weight gain, relationship distress, career challenges, diminishing energy, and self-destructive, addictive behavior. Modern technology has enabled her to consult with clients all over the world assisting them to move smoothly and productively through life transitions

Keynotes & Workshops

Prior to COVID-19, Paula was asked to speak at corporate and non-profit events alike. As we re-emerge into normalcy, Paula is once again excited to speak in front of live audiences to offer teachings on stress management, how to navigate difficult conversations with employees and others, how productivity can be elevated by changing internalized beliefs, and more.
By combining elements of traditional therapy with cutting edge Energy Psychology tools, Paula has helped thousands of clients get relief from grief, stress, depression, and anxiety. She also helps them to identify and clear blocks to success, eliminate relationship issues, overcome their fears, and shift self-sabotaging patterns and feelings to achieve confidence and inner peace.
Some of Paula’s popular Talks and Workshops include
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Eliminate Beliefs and Behaviors that Sabotage Productivity

In this interactive presentation, Paula’s guides participants who are experiencing stress, apathy, negativity, and a lack of productivity, to re-balance their energies and regain a creative, collaborative, productive mindset. She uses mind/body tools and techniques to identify and remove the subconscious limiting beliefs that underlie unproductive behaviors. These techniques can be implemented by your team, quickly and easily, to create dynamic results that transform the working environment.
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Mastering the Stress of Change and Challenge

Is your need for internal change creating frustration, anger, overwhelm or apathy within your team? Life is uncertain and stressful changes that knock us off balance are a part of life. During this experiential presentation, Paula offers effective, innovative tools that calm the body and mind, to help participants eliminate stress, overcome challenges, and embrace change. These scientifically proven tools have helped thousands of people achieve balance and inner peace.
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What Do I Say to My People in Emotional Pain?”

As a leader, do you know what to say to the person on your team who is struggling with serious emotional pain?
Finding the right words to say when someone is hurting, from a death, divorce, loss, or other life challenge, can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Until now it’s been hard to know what to do.
With content from her latest Best-Selling book, Paula provides a clear understanding of what to say and what NOT to say to people in emotional pain. She coaches you and your team on how to apply a step-by-step approach to communicating compassionately with those who are going through major life transitions.

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